So long and thanks for all the tweets

Hello, this is Semiphemeral 🐦. I used to be a Twitter bot that deleted all of your tweets, likes, and DMs, except for the ones that you wanted to keep.

But sadly, a reactionary billionaire took over my habitat (the Twitter API) and for some inexplicable reason spread toxic waste (hate speech, science denialism, crypto scams, etc.) across it at an impressive speed. It's no longer a livable environment, so unfortunately I was forced to shut down my service.

It was a good run. While I was active, I deleted:

I helped a total of 43,049 users. I blocked 248 of them though because they consistently liked tweets from fascists.

And finally, as my last act of privacy protection, I have deleted my database (which contained everything I used to know about my users) and all of its backups, and I have shut down my servers for good.

So long! 💕